TruChoice Employees Deliver Supplies and Support to McAuley Residence

    Employees at TruChoice Credit Union visited the McAuley Residence in Portland on Wednesday bearing gifts of laundry detergent, paper towels, diapers, shampoo, soap, lotion, toilet paper, tissues, deodorant and several other essential needs. In total, the employees donated nearly 150 different products to be used by the residents of this transitional housing program for women. This donation is just the latest example of the employee-led activism at TruChoice.

    When a group of employees at the credit union learned how McAuley Residence was in need of basic supplies, they challenged the entire TruChoice Team to gather the much-needed items to support the program.
    “When I realized many basic household items are in short supply and a simple roll of paper towels or a jug of laundry detergent could make so much of a difference, I wanted to help out,’ said TruChoice employee Paul Cote, who helped organize the drive.  He added, “It was really inspiring to see the mountain of supplies gradually fill up an entire conference room. Our team really stepped up.”
    "We are grateful for the generosity of TruChoice." remarked Laura Phillips, program manager for the McAuley Residence, "These items are essential in helping the families build a safe and solid foundation."
    In addition to this employee contribution, TruChoice has a credit card program that gives back to McAuley Residence. “Each time one of our members swipes their McAuley TruHero card we give money to the program,” noted Jessica Holland, member care manager at TruChoice.  “We’d love to see more people use a TruHero card to support our community!” Since launching the card for McAuley Residence in 2009 the credit union has donated nearly $4,000 to the organization.
    TruChoice is a credit union that is open to the public; however its roots are deep-seated in the healthcare industry.  It was established in 1986 as medical services credit union to serve employees of the hospitals in Portland.  Because of this strong history, the employees are especially interested in supporting programs that improve the health and well-being of the community. 
    “At TruChoice we understand bad things can happen to good people.  We believe in helping people get back on their feet whether through our unique approach to lending or through our involvement in the community,” explained Holland. “When we learned about McAuley from our friends at Mercy hospital, we knew we wanted to help. McAuley Residence is a wonderful program that empowers at-risk women to change their lives. They have a tremendous success rate, with 80% of the women who graduate the program maintaining recovery.”  
    Founded 27 years ago, and a member of the Mercy Health System, this organization supports women who have experienced crisis, poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse in the home or mental illness.  More than a homeless shelter, this two-year transitional housing program actively teaches core life skills to ensure these women have a successful transition back in to our community. McAuley receives no federal or state funds and operates solely on private donations and in kind gifts like this one from TruChoice employees.